iPad Ozaki Slim Y++ vs Moshi Versacover Review: Best origami case?

Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by ElDogman, Oct 17, 2013.

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    I bought this a year ago but haven't gotten around to uploading this until now and decided I should do it before the new iPads come out

    As you can see both are "origami" style cases where the front cover folds, allowing you to use the ipad in different positions. In both the Ozaki Slim Y++ and the Moshi Versacover, you have three usable positions: Portrait, Landscape, and Typing



    However the angles of the Ozaki and Moshi are different.
    in terms of portrait and landscape the two cases are similar, with the Moshi being slightly steeper. The differences are negligible
    However in typing mode, the the Ozaki is much flatter and the Moshi is at a steeper angle.


    While it seems that the Ozaki case would be better to type on.. I found myself adjusting to the Moshi rather easily. However in the end I hate typing on the touch screen and carry the Logitech K760 Wireless Bluetooth Solar powered Keyboard which is light and doesn't require batteries, for any typing work that needs to be done on an iPad

    Quality of the Case

    The Ozaki has this nice leather exterior, the inside also has a nice feel. However the thing can become a fingerprint magnet. The Moshi on the other hand has a nice feel as well and is quite grippy.


    the Ozaki has two key differences from the Moshi. The first is the rubber band built into the case that could be used to secure the cover. While this seems useful at first, the Ozaki's cover has a higher tendency to accidentally activate the iPad. When holding it upside down, the cover is rather loose. The Moshi on the other hand is a bit stiffer and more secure.
    Secondly, the Ozaki comes with a stylus which can slide into a stylus holder on the back. I didn't really use it and found it to add slight bulk.
    The Moshi on the other hand has a magnet on the back that allows you to flip the cover behind the back and holds the cover in place. It works half the time as it's not strong enough.
    Further more, the way the Ozaki and Moshi folds also differs. The Ozaki cover folds outwards, exposing the interior of the cover to the outside while the Moshi folds inward exposing the exterior of the cover to the outside.
    While this may not matter for some, others may not like the idea of the interior part of the cover (which touches the screen), to touch the surface of other objects.


    the Moshi comes with some cleaning wipes for your apple devices and $1 for you to spread the word (yes they give you a dollar). The place where I bought it is from Outfityours.com which at the time was slightly cheaper than getting it from Moshi

    Also I've dropped my iPad with the Moshi versacover from a 4 foot height, onto some coral rocks by accident. The only damage was some slight cracks on the corner, but my iPad is completely safe and the rest of the case still functioning as normal.

    Secondly I bought the Ozaki from a company called iGearGuys which I do not recommend. While they offered full refunds on returns and paid shipping back.. I had to nag them several times before they sent a shipping label. I've since sent it back and they have not yet refunded me. Worse yet, it appears they are now out of business and emails and phone numbers no longer working.

    There are other alternatives that give you both landscape and portrait mode but they tend to be bulky as they rely on a turning mechanism in the case. I personally prefer portrait mode for taking notes


    While they are close in quality, I leaned towards the Moshi because
    1. Its slightly cheaper (right now its $60 vs $70 USD but you could find it for less)
    2. I preferred the folding style of the Moshi
    3. I preferred the back magnet over the stylus
    4. I didn't want all the finger prints of the Ozaki

    The only thing (aside from a cheaper price) i'd like from the Moshi are more color options like the Ozaki and a stronger back magnet
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    Oct 19, 2013
    I've read some review of cracks appearing around the corners of the moshi cover over an extended period of time. How long have you had yours for and have you experienced anything like this?
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    I've had it for over a year now. In fact I probably had one of the first batches.
    Here's a picture of all four corners

    As you can see three of the corners are perfect.
    One corner has a chip because I dropped the case into coral rocks.
    It didn't chip off when I dropped it, but created a small spider web. Eventually I just ripped that piece off because the cracked looked gross. Since then the chip hasn't expanded or anything. I dropped it about 10 months ago.
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    SF Bay Area
    Cygnett has an origami case for the iPad Air.

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    Mar 21, 2010
    Thankyou for your comprehensive review. It helps a lot in making choices. Good job.
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    no problem!
    not that the Ozaki case was bad.. its just that the versa cover had slightly a few different things that made me opt for it.

    I haven't heard good reviews on some of the other origami cases however.
    they were either too poor quality or too expensive for what you got.

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