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Discussion in 'Digital Video' started by B. McKechnie, May 26, 2005.

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    Aug 11, 2004
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    After years of pushing our feature length film P.O.V we have decided to give it away online for FREE as a Quicktime 7 download (currently only available on the Mac).

    Using the new h.264 codec we have been able to get the 1 hour and 22 minute film down to 477MB at a resolution of 480 x 360. The film can be played in full screen mode without any noticeable quality loss.

    The file is available as a .torrent download as well as a direct download. We ask that you only use the direct download if you cannot get the file through the .torrent seeds (direct download is only available for a limited time as it eats up our bandwidth).

    We of course would love to hear your feedback once you have watched the film. We have a discussion board set-up on the P.O.V site or you can send us an email or just post comments here. We also encourage you to pass the file around on other P2P networks - this helps us distribute the film to a larger audience faster (and at no extra cost to us).

    Visit www.povthemovie.net for more information and to download the film.

    We could not have done this so well without the h.264 codec and I highly recommend exporting your films in this to see how they look (it does take a long time to export but is worth it).

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