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Aug 18, 2016
Welcome to our P52! This project is designed to get you out with your camera once a week in a meaningful way. Each week I will post a prompt for you to consider. The prompts are merely suggestions, and you are free to shoot off topic if you wish. All images posted must be taken by you, be safe for work, and be taken with this project in mind. Please do not post archive photos. For a further discussion of the guidelines, please refer to this thread, and you can find the previous weeks linked there if you missed them. Feel free to join in at any time of the year, and you may go back to missed weeks if you still wish to participate.

Week 33: Sunrise/Sunset


Hi! This is an easy week as long as your schedule cooperates. Nothing fancy, but this week we are going to take some images with a sunrise or sunset.

Typically you won’t need to work on a tripod for these, unless you are shooting at the very edges of the day change where we are closer to blue hour. Even then with good technique, some of you may be able to handhold as slow as 1/30 depending on your gear and your own setup.


There are no real rules for this, and even if you live in a place where you can’t see the sky, like I do–too many tall trees around me–you can often still find ways to document that dark to light transition, just by the color of the light you are photographing. The transition light is softer, more golden, and viewers of your images will be able to tell they are early morning or late evening captures simply by the light quality you record.


Those of you in the city will likely be able to find golden and pink hued reflections on tall buildings and those of you in the country should be able to find vast skies. No real rules this week, just get outside and find the lovely colors.




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Feb 20, 2012
Denver, Colorado, USA

Our skies in the morning have been very blue and cloud free lately, for the most part. I take a lot of my walks starting just before dawn in the summer to beat the heat and because that's my favorite time of day anyway. My images for this week's topic will contain a combination of the morning sky with light pink fringes and other (to me) interesting settings. Maybe later I'll get out for some sunsets and storm clouds.


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Feb 20, 2012
Denver, Colorado, USA

Our front faces directly west and I was out rolling up large shades to keep the sun at bay during the hot part of the afternoon. A storm was rolling through and I saw my neighbor (who faces east) out with her phone snapping away and had no clue what was going on. It pays to turn around. A double rainbow. Not a great image, but hey, it's sunset related as the sun was sinking over the mountains right around this time shooting rays of light east into the dark storm clouds.


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Aug 19, 2009
.... likely that, and some initial smoke from wildfires. Weather forecast calls for additional smoke today.
Yes, later in the day we saw the smoke too and got the alert about smoke getting worse today . We have been lucky so far compared to the rest of BC. I’m so sorry for all the people that had to be evacuated and lost their houses 😔
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