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    I have been looking for the perfect setup since the iPad mini was released. After reading many reviews, I couldn't get myself to use a case that would bulk up my iPad so I ended up putting a sticker boy film on it and a sleeve to carry it around from place to place.

    There are many products out there for the iPad mini but this is one of the highest quality sleeves out there. I have used other Pack & Smooch's products before and I have never been disappointed.

    The sleeve is perfectly cut and stitching is exact. It fits the iPad mini snug and it has a pocket in the front to put anything from folded papers to the a/c adapter to an iPhone and even pen or stylus.

    The flap keeps the iPad mini in place. The metal snaps are on the surface and so it does not come in contact with the iPad mini when in the sleeve. It seems like every detail was carefully thought out by the designer.

    It doesn't add much bulk or weight unless you start adding too much stuff on the pocket. Since it's made of 100% wool felt, it tends to "polish" my iPad when inserting and removing it. It is just thick enough to protect the iPad mini that I would not be worried if I accidentally dropped the iPad while in the sleeve.

    The best part is that it will fit the iPad mini with or without the smart cover. Since the smart cover is fairly thin, it still fits perfectly in this sleeve.

    Overall, this is an excellent sleeve. Its great for those who like to use the iPad naked but want something to keep it in when travelling or just for storing. This is a great fashionable accessory to the iPad mini.

    Here is where I got it from: http://www.pack-smooch.com/en/shop/ipad-mini-lleyn/anthrdark-brown-lm

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