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    Here is a question on how to make a package/install package

    I have made some templates in motion 5, wich I use in FCPX.
    and I have a friend who would like to have those templates in his FCPX

    So does anyone know how to make a package with these effect? and the package should install directly into generators in final cut so it is ready for use!


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    Mar 14, 2012
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    This question actually has nothing to do with Digital Video, that's why no one is answering. You might be better off posting in in the forum on Mac OSX programming.

    Lucky for you, I also program a lot on Macs. But unlucky for you, usually not for Macs but for general Unix systems.

    However, I happen to know that what you are looking for is available from several commercial tools, but also directly from Apple and for free. You need to be aware though that creating an installer package will probably not happen in 5 minutes but rather in two hours and might include a lot of trial and error if you have never done it.

    To create a .pkg file installer, you will need the "PackageMaker". If you want to, you can still pack that into a .dmg disk image with the disk utility, but that's not necessary except if your files are really big and you want to compress them somehow...

    First step: Install "XCode". It is available in the App Store for free. The program is rather large, but that's what you get for wanting to be a developer. :p

    Second step: As of version 4.3, XCode no longer comes with the PackageMaker preinstalled. You will have to start XCode and install the additional package "Auxiliary Tools". Apple describes how to do that here.

    Third step: Start PackageMaker and figure out how to use it. I can't help you there because I've never used it. However, Apple seems to have a help page on that: PackageMaker User Guide

    Hope that helps.

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    Mar 14, 2012

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