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Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by Eric5273, Jan 15, 2016.

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    A few weeks ago I was looking though all the different iPad cases on Amazon trying to find a good solution for my iPad Pro, and I came across a company called Padlette that makes this:


    My thoughts after seeing this is that it would be a nice solution for the iPad Pro. Since the iPad Pro is so heavy and unwieldy to hold, this would make it easier to hold without adding significant weight as most cases do.

    So I checked their website, and found out there was no Padlette available for the iPad Pro (yet). So I emailed them asking if they were going to make one. Then late last week I heard back from them that they indeed had produced a black "Padlette D3 Pro" for the iPad Pro, and I could purchase from them directly for $25 (including shipping). So I went ahead and ordered one.

    I received it today, and I'm really liking it. I originally had the Luvvitt clear case (sold on Amazon) and found that the extra weight made the iPad Pro too heavy to comfortably hold for long periods of time. So for the past month I've been using it without a case, but I'm always worried about possibly dropping it as the back is a little slippery.

    I suppose I could still drop it, but the Padlette makes it so much easier to hold and is very secure. I hold it the way you would grip a door knob right over the Apple logo on the rear, and it's a very snug fit and there is no way it would come loose on its own. It's basically like a heavy duty rubber band.

    Only bad thing I can say is that it does cover a tiny bit of 2 of the corners of the screen, so on rare occasion when using certain apps (in landscape mode), I needed to rotate the iPad (to portrait mode) in order to press a button that had been covered up by the band. But this did not happen often enough to become annoying. I think this was not an issue on the older iPads, and only on the newer ones because the bezel around the screen is smaller.
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    Pretty cool, but this seems like such a missed opportunity. Why can't they design this so that it covers all 4 corners and offers bounce/drop protection, while still maintaining the open design and light weight? Seems like if they utilized all the corners they wouldn't need to have the band covering the screen like that.
    A bit of a lazy design here, but I really like where they're going with this...
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    Yeah, I suppose someone could produce a product like this that is a little more substantial and also provides protection around the edges, but this one was not meant to do that. The big advantage is that it doesn't really add any weight to the iPad Pro. So the weight is the same, yet it adds a nice convenient way to hold it while using it. It also allows you to place the iPad face down without the screen touching the table.

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