Padlock on watch screen


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Nov 30, 2014
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From time to time, I will flick my wrist, and notice a padlock on my Apple Watch's screen.

Normally, I only expect to see this, the first time I put the watch on, for the day. Well, until I either unlock the watch with my code, or unlock my iPhone XS Max.

In seeing the padlock during the day, is it safe to say my watch may have lost connectivity with the phone (no cellular service)?



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Feb 2, 2009
Hmm, interesting! I do wear my watch on hole 5. But, really, I would like it on hole 4, but sometimes, it feels a little tight.
You might look into a different band. I'm a fan of the Sport Loops. They use velcro instead of pre-determined holes, so you can get the perfect fit. There are other band styles that work on similar principles and are extremely adjustable. If Apple's prices scare you, lots of people, including myself, have good luck with buying off Amazon. At least I've had good luck with Sport Loops, not the Sport Bands (the rubbery bands that typically come with the watch). If you're curious, visit the Apple Watch Accessories forum here on the site for more details.