Page 1 News, MBP rev to use C2Extreme X7800 July, or T7800?

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by Butthead, May 25, 2007.

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    Jan 10, 2006
    Slow news week for MR, what with any and all Intel developments (that have little, if anything, directly linked to a known Apple product) now being posted as page 1 news, lol (i.e. Intel prototype 'world's thinnest notebook'...even if the story is more than a week old before MR picked up on it-"World's Thinnest Notebook from Intel":

    Next fastest C2D to be released in Sept. is the T7800, but will Apple use the July shipping (see table linked below) X7800 instead for the next revision of the MBP, which would then likely allow for inclusion of LED backlit screens? You heard it "1st" ;), a week after all the Intel stories have been posted on this, lol. Definitely Page 1 news by MR's recently grasping at anything to post, standards.

    At $300 more per CPU than the most expensive standard C2D, MBP would be the only laptop they could sell this in, perhaps only the TOL 17in model. Any chance of a lapburner X7900 pre-overclocked beyond the standard 2.8Ghz when the X7900 is released at the same price point in Sept?

    Actually, only updated pricing info in the link above, the story is really 6 months old as far as "Intel related", by reference now on MR, 'Apple related'.

    Intel Core 2 Extreme for Notebooks to Emerge in Q3 2007

    Intel to Intro “Extreme” Processors to Mobile Lineup in September

    Come on laggards Apple, put some turbo fans in the MBP and give us wicked speed overdriven CPU's and GPU's...just like the 'other' Intel systems.

    More May 16th "Intel related"> Apple news: 'extreme' processor for mobile gaming
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    So the m5790 weighs 8 lbs and gets 1 hr 32 min on C|Net's "drain" test (vs. 3 hr 2 min on the MBP 17"). Not to get into the specs argument... but out of all that, what's the power profile on the mobile C2E? If the Mac were to look or work anything like the Alienware, I hope it never comes out.
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    Mar 20, 2007
    Does EFI allow for a means to overclock anything? I had always been under the impression that it wasn't allowed, and there was no direct interface to do it.

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