Page Count query in Pages '09 - Is there an expert out there?

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  1. yatz macrumors newbie

    Oct 30, 2008
    I have been using Pages '08 for my final year dissertation for university. I really like it and have got used to it pretty quickly (coming from Windows).

    I have downloaded the trial of iWork '09 and used Pages '09 to open my document. My document sections are as follows:

    SECTION 1 - Title Page - 1 page
    SECTION 2 - Contents, abstract, abbreviations, etc - 3 pages
    SECTION 3 - Main report - 10 pages
    SECTION 4 - Appendix - 6 pages
    TOTAL REPORT - 20 pages

    In Pages '08 i can reset the Page Count in the Footer so that Section 3 displays for example 'Page 2 of 10'. This is exactly what I want because the section should have its own page count.

    When I opened the document in Pages '09, the footer now displays for example 'Page 2 of 20'. Basically it is showing the entire document Page Count rather than the Page Count for that particular Section. Is this something that Apple have changed for Pages '09? or is there a setting so that the Page Count relates to the Section rather than the entire document?

    I would really appreciate any help, I still have both iWork '08 and '09 installed so its not a huge issue but I would like to upgrade permanently. However, if the page count can not be set for each section then I think I will be staying with iWork '08. I guess I will be saving £69 and Apple will be missing out !!



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    Dec 10, 2007
    I am no expert but I have a nack for this sort of thing.

    Can you walk me through how you did this in pages 08 and I can probubly find you a way to do this and I can take a look myself
  3. yatz thread starter macrumors newbie

    Oct 30, 2008
    Start with Page 1, Type title page. Insert >> Section Break from the Menu Bar.

    On Page 2, Insert >> Page Number from the Menu Bar into the Footer (should say 2)

    In the body of Page 2, open the Inspector and go to Layout >> Section, select Start at 1 and untick 'use previous headers and footers. The Page Number in the Footer should change to 1. It may now display a '1' on Page 1 but this can be deleted as it is a Title Page.

    Type 'of' next to the Page Number on Page 2 and Insert >> Page Count from Menu Bar. It should now say '1 of 1'.

    If you now press Enter numerous times in the body to create a new page or Insert >> Page Break from the Menu Bar, you will see a new page and in the footer it will display '1 of 2'.

    Basically the Page Count relates to the number of pages in that particular Section. There are 3 pages altogether in the document but only 2 pages in Section 2.

    Try this in Pages '09 and it will display '1 of 3', this is displaying the entire Page Count for the document, not the Page Count for the Section.



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