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    May 24, 2007
    I have a Late 2009 Mac mini (Macmini3,1) on El Capitan running Pages 5.6.2. I also have a Mid 2010 MacBook on High Sierra which was running Pages 7.3 and an iPad Air on iOS running Pages 4.3.

    Up until recent updates, I was able to edit any of my Pages documents of any of my devices. But I recently started a new Pages document on my Mac mini, then edited it on my MacBook, and then tried to continue editing it on the Mac mini. I couldn’t open it. A message asked me to update Pages on the Mac mini (which isn’t possible).

    I downgraded to Pages 7.1 on my MacBook and that regained me compatibility between Pages documents on the MacBook and Mac mini.

    But if I create or edit a Pages document on the iPad which contains a table, I can’t open it on the Mac mini. Documents without a table seem fine.

    Some research informs me that my Mac mini is on the Pages plist for unsupported models:

    Pages for iOS v4.3 should be compatible all the way back to Pages v5.6 on El Capitan. However, Pages documents also carry along, a list of unsupported hardware models, and the Mac mini Early to Late-2009 or earlier are now unsupported models that will prevent Pages v5.6.2 from opening Pages v7.3 for Mac, and Pages v4.3 for iOS documents.

    Does anyone know if there is something specific about the Macmini3,1 that means it’s unsupported? And what would happen if I edited the plist to remove Mac mini,3.1?


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