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    Jan 27, 2013
    Hi all,

    What I'm looking to do is be able to work with .doc or .docx files in Pages. Yes, I know MS Word:mac is better for it, and I know that I can both import and export those files, however I prefer Pages so I want to know if it is possible to open a .doc file, edit it, and save it (more than once) as a .doc - without creating any .pages files as duplicates are annoying.

    In Pages 09, you could edit the info.plist of Pages to change its handling of .doc from a "Viewer" to an "Editor" or something along those lines, however that method no longer works.
    Does anyone know of a way to make this work?

    (Again, this is for my convenience for sending files straight to teachers etc., so please restrain from saying "totally switch to Pages" or "use Word" as I'm asking to see if this can be done as well. Treat it as a PoC :p)
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    Jul 17, 2002
    I strongly recommend against what you are trying to do. Never ever use non-Microsoft software to generate documents in Microsoft formats for final submission. Hard copy is fine. PDF generation is fine. I have seen too many cases where Word .doc and .docx documents created using one version of Word:win require reformatting when opened in a different version of Word:win. And don't get me started on PowerPoint.

    If your instructors will accept PDFs, then submit those instead. If you are required to submit documents in .doc/.docx, then use Microsoft Word to create them. If you insist on using Pages to create for final submissions, then consider this to be fair warning. It is now on you.
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    Jan 27, 2013
    I see.
    Oh well, thank you for the advice (and warning!).

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