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Feb 24, 2020

I recently used Migration Assistant to bring all of my info over from an old 2013 Mac Air to my new (Christmas Gift!) MacBook Pro. Love it so far EXCEPT Pages keeps crashing. Was doing some investigative work and am currently in contact with a Senior Adviser from Apple's Creative Media Department. He is sending stuff over to the engineering team. However, I haven't heard from him in several days, so thought I would reach out to people here to see if I can get any additional help.

Currently Pages will crash no matter what I do, whether Pages is the only app in use or using it in conjunction with others, namely Safari. (I need some kind of distraction while writing, haha!) I've done everything, from restarting my Mac, uninstalling/reinstalling Pages, and even going so far as to reinstall Catalina. As of now I'm using the web version of Pages via iCloud, and have a new partition that does not reproduce this problem. Anyways, my crash reports are all happening on different threads, but the cause itself seems to be the same thing. I'll include a link to a pastebin of my most recent crash report, which was yesterday:

If anyone has any ideas, please let me know! (And let me know if this is posted in the right place. First time posting on here, haha!) Thank you!


Jul 25, 2007
Instead of a new partition, did you try creating a new user account and see if pages crashes in the new user account? You may just have a bum configuration file.
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