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    I love using Pages for writing essays for class and would choose Pages over Word any day of the week. Iono, but I type out essays faster within Pages and feel I get my point across better than if I still used Word.

    So, some things that slow me down during my writing process i'd like to solve so I can type and finish 10 page essays even faster:

    1. Why isn't the letter "I" capitalized? Unless I specifically pressed shift when I type the letter "I" it remains small. I remember when I had a PC "I" would be capitalized if it was alone.

    2. Also, the word "I'm." Since I was a kid I remember typing "i'm" without it telling me it was a spelling error but Apple tells me unless it's capitalized it's wrong. Not a big deal but i've been accustomed now to typing "I'm" capitalized even in the middle of a sentence. Is this correct grammar? Most professors don't make a fuss about it but some actually have, telling me to correct it.

    3. How can I add footnotes to my essays?

    4. Finally, any good Pages guides online besides the lame video tutorials on the Apple site? I feel those tips are for people that have never used a typing program before.
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    Pages > Preferences > Fix Capitalisation.

    It is always I'm ~ short for I am and I is always a capital.

    Footnotes, Yes, page 52 in the User Guide. Pages from iWork'09.

    The Pages User Guide is available under Help on the Menu Bar ~ you can download as pdf which you can search using Preview.

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