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    I make family histories from interviews with my clients, and I have a 300 page book, created in Pages 6, that includes black text and both b/w and color photos. I exported this as a pdf in order to send to the new printer I'm using, and they are telling me that the text is not black; that the entire document is color. When I go to the color select in the document, I definitely selected black for the text.

    The printer is having me go through all sorts of things in Acrobat, to check the colors and the CMYK, but isn't it possible to export a file from PAGES that has the text as black?

    (I've been told by Apple folks that I really need to do such projects in InDesign instead, but I have 5 manuscripts ready to go, all produced in Pages.

    But for now, I'd appreciate advice... can I save these documents, have the text be BLACK for the printer, from Pages?
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    Sadly, Pages 6 is a mere shadow of the older versions in terms of stability and functionality. I keep a copy of iWork 09 around (in addition to the latest) for those times when I need that functionality.

    I'm sure you've already done this but I have to ask... do YOU see black text when you export to PDF?
    What color does the printer say that text is in?

    What fonts are you using in the document?
    What is the size of the .pages file?
    What image quality option did you specify during the export to PDF?
    What is the size of the resulting PDF?

    To help troubleshoot the problem:
    • Create a copy of the document and store it in a safe place
    • Edit the document: File -> Reduce File Size
    • Export to PDF
    • Send it to the printer to check if the text is black
    • If it is, then the problem is solved.
    • (if not) delete this copy
    If the problem remains:
    • Create another copy of the original document that you stored in a safe place
    • Export to PDF, export image quality=good
    • Send it to the printer to check if the text is black. Also check to see how photos look.
    This will at least get you working toward identifying the issue. Hopefully others more knowledgable than I will jump in with more insights.

    EDIT: I just realized that this was posted in the iOS Apps forum and that the OP might be referring to the iOS version. If so, please disregard this post.
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    sracer, I just saw both of your posts (including the EDIT), so first, thank you for the first post, which I will read now. I have to confess that I don't know what your EDIT means. please explain what you mean by iOS version?
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    iWork = Pages, Keynote, Numbers is available for both iOS (iPod, iPad, iPhone) and macOS (macbook, imac).

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