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Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by MrPenguin1620, Aug 10, 2010.

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    My previous thread was relating Pages to MS Word, and this one is too, because up until last week, MS Word was the only WP program I'd ever used! Anyway, on Word there's a highlighter function, you can turn some of the text yellow in the way you would if you used an actual highlighter pen.

    Is there an equivalent to the highlighter pen to show text in yellow in Pages?

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    Yeah, if you highlight the text and then click "comment" it highlights it in yellow and places a comment post-it looking thing on the left or right of the screen. This allows you to leave yourself (or others) a note as to why you've highlighted it.

    These notes stay with it when you export to PDF too (not sure about exporting to Word as I haven't done it).
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    Yes, you can highlight text in Pages. Here are links to a couple of recent threads in Apple's Discussions with screenshots.

    If you want to do this frequently you can save the highlighting as a character style. You need to create your own default template. Set up your document with the margins, headers, etc. as you'd like. Redefine all of the paragraph & character styles to have your desired font.

    While you're at it, you might want to set default styles for all objects, text boxes, tables, paragraph styles, etc. Start with a blank document & insert an object. Change the color, wrap, etc. to your choosing & then go to Format > Advanced > Define Default Shape Style then delete the object. Repeat with an image/photo, a text box & a table.

    Now, save this as a template then, in Pages > Preferences, select this template as the default for new documents. All of your new documents will have these settings for inserted objects, images & tables. Unfortunately, the settings won't apply to any other templates or "foreign" documents you open with Pages.

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