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    So in Pages I want to split an 8 1/2 x 11 sheet into four equal parts. How do I do that?? I also want to make it a two sided sheet. Text on one side in all four spots and a photo on the other side in all four spots. Also with a white border around each quadrant. I'll end up with four of the same thing when I print it and cut it. Anyone know how to do this? Any help is appreciated. Thank you.
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    This is easy.

    Which version of Pages are you using?

    In Pages '09 (version 4.3) simply open a new document as a layout.

    In the new pages open a new document then in the document inspector uncheck the option for document body.

    Show rulers then drag out vertical and horizontal guides to divide the page into four. Insert a text box in each quadrant. Click the Text icon or select Insert/Text Box and move the box and resize it as needed. There are options for adding borders or you can insert other shapes to create various borders.

    Insert a new page and again show rulers and drag out the four guides. Now you can simply insert the images into these four quadrants. Remember that when you print these the image quadrants will be swapped left for right. You might want to add more guides to help you size and align the images.

    That is, if the text quadrants are numbered

    1 2

    3 4

    then the images should be laid out

    2 1

    4 3

    Now when you flip the page over to print the second side they will line up properly with the text.

    Once you have these pages setup if you need more then rather than redoing this effort click on the thumbnail of the page at the left then press command-D to duplicate the page.

    Under the help menu open Pages Help to read up on these topics.
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    Thanks for the reply. I will try this out hopefully tonight.

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