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    Feb 3, 2013
    The instructions are horribly confusing to follow.

    I'm trying to create a bundle so I can choose my OWN wallpapers to use. I CANNOT just pick any wallpaper through the tweak itself, I must create a bundle in-order to use my own wallpaper.

    Could anyone guide me in making my own custom bundle? I'm suppose to be creating a info.plist to complete my own bundle, as the instructions say, but I have NO idea what I'm suppose to do to make one or where to start.

    "This is also an easy step, as it only requires 2 different keys (for now), they are


    The Name key should be a string containing your bundle's name (without an extension)
    The Author key should be a string containing the name (or company name of the author)"

    What the HELL does this even mean??

    For reference as to what I'm saying, http://sbcoders.com/ios/docs/PagesPlus.html
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    Apr 17, 2013
    I copied the info.plist from an existing bundle and then pasted it into my own bundle. I don't think the info itself is that important i left it identical by accident and it still worked. I then changed the author to my name and the name to what i called my bundle. Other than that i found it fairly simple:-

    Using ifile i created a new folder in the same way as it suggests but only with an iphone folder.
    Within that iphone folder i then copied the pictures i wanted to use as the wallpapers (used copy and paste from within ifile)
    I then renamed the photos to y@2x.png (y = page number)
    Saved it all and it worked. :)

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