paid full price for iP6 (TMob) to use on ATT (contract expired), but wonder its worth

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by cub4bearin, Sep 13, 2014.

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    ... So me and my significant other are on ATT Share Plan (6GB data, $80 service + $25 iPhone5 + $25 iPhone5s = $130 a month)

    My contract ending tomorrow on my iPhone5, so I purchased FULL PRICE TMobile from
    My partner has iPhone5s and contract will end October 2015.

    Lets say TMobile iPhone6 is unlocked (from website) and I am going to start using it with my current out of contract ATT service.

    When I split our service it is $65 a person. Doesn't this price have already included some part of $ amount for the iPhone5, I purchased subsides 2 yrs ago?

    Would that mean that I am pretty much getting ripped off because I paid full price for brand new iP6 and on top of that I am on plan which already is charging me for my previous iP5?

    Just trying find out whats the best option out there?

    Also, if I go with ATT GoPhone then I will be paying $60 for the most expensive option and thats only $5 less than our share plan.. But Not sure if GoPhone charge taxes on top of the $60? also how often do I have to renew it (every month or every time I am low on account)?

    any help welcome.. thank You!
  2. ignar macrumors newbie

    Jun 25, 2013
    What you're paying currently ($25/phone) is actually a promo discounted price, and if you upgrade and renew the contract, you're supposed to pay $40/phone. By getting a full priced phone, you can stay with the current $25 plan. If I were you though, I will call AT&T and bump up the plan to 10GB one. 10GB plan costs $20 more per month, but the access charge for a phone drops from $25 to $15. So your total cost will stay the same while you have 4GB more data to spare.
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    we are twins on contract end date!! what did you decide to do? i bought an iPhone 6+ on att next 12 but i am on an individual plan - still not sure what to do as i was told that if i bought iPhone 6+ i would be keeping the discount - the few times i've called, each time i was told a different thing, for example told i could NOT upgrade for 18 months, he said this a dozen times even though i kept saying i thought it was 12 months!!

    you should def call retentions as you are off contract, i called just to figure out the fine print (did preorder of 6+ on apple next) and i had a really cool att rep who put me through to retentions who then gave me a $250 credit immediately and assured me i would get an additional $100 in OCT for choosing next, this is available to anyone who is new to next (made sure to have them put on my account notes + i took their info) - i have never rec'd a credit from them ever nor upgraded early so perhaps that is why - they also said everyone is rated from 1 to 4 and the 2.5 - 4 were top people and they would do more to keep those customers

    i'm thinking i pay off the rest of phone when all credit come through and be back to having a bigger discount off of service......

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