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Discussion in 'Apple Watch' started by d21mike, Nov 27, 2015.

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    My wife and I have had the new Apple Watch since they came out. We got the Apple Watch in stainless still, not the sport watch. And have been very happy with them. She has not worn her older watches since then. I did not wear a watch before. With the current deals of $100 off at Target my wife said she would like the Rose Gold Sport for her birthday. Before the Apple Watch she would wear 1 of about 5 watches depending on what she was doing. I.E. An accessory. Anyway, it looks like you can have only 1 paired at a time so the effort to un-pair and then pair seems time consuming. Is there a "quick" mode to do this after you have gone thru the process once for each watch? You would think Apple would realize people would be buying a second watch at some point. I.E. A Sport Watch for workouts and a nice watch for other times. Maybe when the next watch comes out we will get some new features in iOS 10.
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    There is no solution for this yet unless Apple implements the option to pair more than one watch with the iPhone.
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    Unfortunately, no, no quick solution. I'd consider a second watch, too.
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    Me three, would defo buy a Sport for work instead of having to put an ugly, bulky case and changing the strap on my Space Black.
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    This has been asked before, you can only pair one watch at a time.
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    I think that Apple is missing something here because I also would purchase a second Apple Watch if I could pair both with my iPhone 6+.
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    I'm also in the multiple Apple Watch if possible club. I currently wear a SBSS, but would love to own a Gold Aluminum Sport if it were possible to swap between them quickly. Hopefully watchOS 3 brings this capability.
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    shoot him for his inability to search!

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