Pair iphone 4 with Jawbone Prime

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    THIS WORKS - copied from and with thanks to kkelso from Jawbone forums June 2010

    FIRST I removed all Buetooth connections from iphone4 - then shut it off ( power button )

    SECOND ( following kkelso's post )

    To reset your Jawbone Prime simply follow the steps listed below:

    1. Press and hold down the Talk Button on the Jawbone Prime. (It does not matter whether the Prime is on or off.)

    2. Connect the Jawbone Prime to the USB charger cable. (The cable needs to be plugged into an active USB port or to an electrical outlet via the Wall Charger unit.)

    3. Release the Talk Button.

    4. Disconnect the Jawbone Prime from the USB charger cable.

    Turn on the Jawbone. It should begin to flash red every six seconds when it is turned on. While it is flashing red press the following sequence of buttons.

    NoiseAssassin Button, Talk Button, Talk Button, NoiseAssassin Button, Talk Button, Talk Button

    The Jawbone should flash red/white/red/white showing that it is in a manual pairing mode. Pairing mode will last for three minutes or until pairing is complete.

    THIRD : Powered up iphone 4 while Jawbone flashing red/white. Turned on Bluetooth ( Settings / General /Bluetooth ON ). Jawbone PAIRED with iphone4 AUTOMATICALLY ( no request for 0000 code ) and Jawbone flashes WHITE when paired and on.

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    Any luck getting it to do FT over BT?

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