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Oct 19, 2017
Ontario, Canada
Short time ago a box showed up on the top of my MacBook Pro as to let a Ipad connect, I don't own an Ipad. I live in an apartment building so is it possible it was this. Very strange, of course I didn't allow it. Opinions welcome. I was doing a search on local car body repairs in google at the time but not go to a specific site. I went to System preferences and looked at Bluetooth devices listed and other than my mouse I see a TV Listed that i don't own, so is this something setting up a new TV by chance on our apt floor. If so can this be removed, its not paired just showing. See screen grab. Maybe someone was setting up a new device(s) and they a little rusty on doing it or maybe first time.


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Feb 19, 2008
The Finger Lakes Region
If that's not you TV ignore it! When I lived in apartment when first starting out I would see stuff like this all the time! At worst it could be a hacker of blu0tooth! Yes those kind of hackers is growing!


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Apr 27, 2003
You're likely just picking up a neighbor's devices. You can safely ignore them by simply not connecting/pairing with them.
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