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Discussion in 'Apple Watch' started by raythepa, May 15, 2017.

  1. raythepa macrumors member

    Feb 5, 2006
    ok I can't get past the activation lock page on my iphone (5s) to pair my watch (series 2). I keep going around the same steps without any luck. This was an open box purchase from BB and I'm wondering if the previous owner didn't pair it. I've restarted phone and watch, doesn't seem like it should be that hard.

    Thoughts? Thanks.
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    Feb 5, 2006
    Took it back to BB, the previous store that took the item back did not have the buyer unlink the watch from his iCloud account and consequently makes the watch useless to anyone else. Chalk it up to live and learn!
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    That's one of the issues with Best Buy's open box sales. They aren't refurbished, just resold and sometimes they don't do a good job of checking them in. You can get some good deals for sure, but I have also had to return purchases because pieces where missing or found out that the item was returned for good reason, because it was defective. One purchase, a GoPro was just flat out dead.
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    Best Buy will even repackage and sell items as new so beware. I bought a "new" digital camera from them and when I got home it was obvious that it was used and returned and just tossed back in the box. Took it back and the manager argued with me in front of a bunch of people . . . Looked like he was going to win till I pulled out the filled out warranty card and receipt of the original owner.

    Look at your purchases carefully when shopping at Bestbuy. They have a shrink wrap machine in the back so even that does not indicate new.
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    (Off-Topic)-I don't trust Geek Squad to check things over thoroughly when you return them. One of their roles is to make sure all the items are included with the return and inspect TVs, surround sound's, etc. I have returned items to Best Buy in the past and they are horribly lazy/under trained when they are handling electronics and inspecting. So I agree, make sure you look over your product when purchasing from Best Buy, especially open box items.
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    Another thing to keep in mind. Best Buy has 10,000s of SKU. So knowing each and every item and how to properly handle its return procedure is next to impossible.
  7. Relentless Power, May 18, 2017
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    But when Geek Squad handles a $2000 4K/HDR TV and putting their hand prints all over the screen, when the box clearly states do NOT touch the display with your hands is completely negligent.

    I can understand they can't realize every hardware accessory to be included in a package/box and mistakes happen, but handling certain electronics like that is called laziness and sloppy. Not acceptable. Some mistakes are preventable and common sense isn't asking that much in certain situations.

    Edit: Also, when making a return, when Best Buy scans the returned item, it does tell them on the computer what is supposed to be included in the box or they can/should reference the computer for what's to be included in the return, so there is no reason for missing items that are not inspected. Granted, they can't remember everything that would be included or understand everything that would be included, but that's why they should be referencing the return data on the computer. But They don't At times and that's where laziness comes into play.

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