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    Jan 12, 2006
    Hey everybody,

    I have a VIDEO_TS folder of a film in PAL format. Problem is, I live in Canada and my DVD player only plays NTSC DVD's. I've burnt the VIDEO_TS folder using Toast Titanium 8 under all the correct settings (VIDEO_TS folder mode, TV mode: NTSC) but after burning, both my TV's DVD player and my MacBook's DVD Player refuse to play it. :confused: Is there anyway to convert PAL to NTSC so that the DVD I will burn will play on my Mac as well as my DVD player (i.e., play in general)?

    Thanks so much!

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    Toast can do this automatically. It's a setting in the preferences, under the "General" tab.

    Otherwise, there are some apps that on the coding level allow you to alter the framerate and NTSC/Pal setting, but remember that you need to adjust the audio rate as well. None of them will leave you with a perfect version of the film (Toast tends to have "catch up" moments, akin to layer switching on a dual-layered dvd, usually only 2-3 per movie, and recoding tends to have shakey picture on straight lines, kind of hard to explain but you'll know it when you see it). I use Toast for it these days.

    EDIT: didn't read your post clearly enough. If you have it set right, the problem may be the region encoding itself; the way to remedy this is to burn it to dvd, re-rip it using Handbrake and setting the region code to 0 or 1. You may be able to do this straight from the VIDEO_TS folder, not sure about that.

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