Palm Centro vs Iphone first gen

Discussion in 'Buying Tips and Advice' started by Joe K, Jun 11, 2008.

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    Hello everyone, I'm looking to get a new phone, it's time to upgrade my dying V3 and after a lot of research I've narrowed my options to the first gen Iphone and the Centro. I'm from Guatemala but I'm spending the summer in NYC, I'll be heading home mid august, so either phone I choose I have to get it unlocked.

    I want the phone mainly to keep my day organized, make some notes, record voice memos, music when I'm on the subway and the option to check my mail (I don't do this very often but sometimes I need to reply a client's email when I'm away from my laptop).

    About the Centro: I like that you have a "real" keyboard, tons of apps, and I believe that it'll be enough for my needs, I'll be buying either phone off craigslist, I'm willing to spend around $200 for a new phone, and that is the other thing, I can get a "new" centro but the iphone won't be brand new :(, still I wouldn't mind a couple of months old iphone. So here are my questions

    1) is the compatibility between the Centro and Leopard, reliable? I use iChat and I have it sync'd with google calendar for different projects, and I've found mixed experiences in several forums about this.

    2) for the centro users how good media player is the phone?

    3) Is there a way to tell how old is an iphone?

    4) bottom line which phone do you think is better for my needs?

    please be objective in your answer, I'm trying to make the best decision as I don't change phones that often and a regular phone is not enough for me anymore... or I would get another v3 and an ipod nano.

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    I haven't used the iPhone for very long, but I'm fairly familiar with Palm OS.

    Most Mac users I know suggest using MissingSync from Mark/Space to sync Palm OS with Mac OS.

    There are a few different options for Media Players. There are tons of apps for Palm OS, so you could find lots of things that may interest you.

    That said, listening to music is a little bit more difficult. Palm devices have notoriously bad headset jacks. Also, they use the standard mobile size headsets (2.5mm) rather than the standard 3.5mm jack size.

    Take a look at *shameless plug*

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