Palm for Editing/Emailing Excel Docs?


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Sep 16, 2003
I’m thinking of buying a Palm but I’m having trouble finding some answers before I make the leap. If anyone can help that would be great.

My major concern is that I will be using the Palm almost exclusively to edit and e-mail Excel documents and I’m a little nervous about compatibility. Here are my questions:

1. I have an old Palm m515 with Documents to Go 4.0 and my Excel documents are “locked” when I try to edit them on the 515. Apparently certain formulas are unsupported by DocsToGo 4.0. In my case, I have formulas that reference other sheets in the file. Has this been corrected in DocsToGo 7.0?

2. Right now I’m torn between the new LifeDrive and the T5 (with added Wi-Fi card). My primary use for the Palm will be in editing Excel documents and then e-mailing them using a Wi-Fi connection. Do either of these devices have a better feature set for doing this? Is the built in Wi-Fi card in the LifeDrive better than the Palm Wi-Fi card? Which one has a better processor? Screen size, resolution?

Thanks in advance for any help!


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Dec 8, 2002
Hello, looks like no one answered your question. However, did you ever decide? I am leaning toward the lifedrive and wondered if you had any first hand experience since your post.


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Feb 18, 2004
Ontario, Canada
Can't answer your specific questions, but I have Docs-to-Go 7 on my T3 and it seems okay. Go to - it's a PDA exclusive forum with tons of members. I'm sure they can answer your question, no problem.

As for my opinion, I'd go with the Life Drive. If you can afford the extra money, go with the latest technology. I think the T5 was one model that most people could afford to 'skip'. It wasn't quite the model that people wanted to upgrade to from their T3 or earlier Palm.

If you REALLY want to get fancy and plan to do a LOT of work on a PDA and have the BIG bucks, consider a top-of-the-line PocketPC and go to Softmaker makes Word and Excel compatible programs that can be installed on both your computer AND your PDA: no 'translation' required. Of course, it's Windows only... ta da! Too good to be true...