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Apr 26, 2011
Any one get the issue. It seems to be a missing function of Preview app???


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Oct 16, 2009
coolum beach
Preview functionality

Yes, it is. Frustrating really. Which is why I've got Lion's Preview 5.2.2 back. Here's the how-to.
(Thanks fheusel!)

Hi, I too need to get functionality back into Preview, hopefully by running the earlier version..
Of course by following the link in the previous thread I can get a copy of Preview 5.2.2, which apple won't run..

Looking through the tips: Don't know what info.plist is exactly, it seems to appear several times on my computer. Also don't completely understand where the "codesign" thingy is applied, or where, "Bundle version=719.25" lives...

I hope it's a simple process, but does anyone have a blow by blow description of getting the earlier version of preview up and running...?

Such a shame that apple hammered preview in this way.....


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