Panasonic MD-10000 & DVD Menu problems

Discussion in 'Digital Video' started by Khaizz, Dec 31, 2009.

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    Hey all,

    I've recently started video editing people's weddings, at the recommendation of a friend. I have two issues, which are stated below

    My current tools are: MBP 15", Panasonic MD-10000 and a desktop PC.

    One of the main issues that are bugging me is that this particular video camera, MD-10000, doesn't seem to be compatible with Macs. Imagine my horror when I found that out even though the Panasonic people said it was :(

    Now, I capture my footage on Premiere Elements onto an ext HD, then import it into FCP. It's a bothersome process because I have to make sure the file names are correct so they will go in sequence. No doubt, the Premiere Elements > AVI > FCP will degrade the video's quality, right? and it's annoying because filters like SmoothCam will only work with .mov, not .avi.

    Does anyone know any solutions or whether this model is compatible? If not, do you have any HD professional camcorders that you'd recommend? Budget is maybe $5k. Thanks in advance!


    My usual workflow is Premiere Elements > FCP > Compressor > DVD Studio Pro > Burn. I'd like to create DVD menus but I haven't had luck finding any. Either they aren't very specific, just skimmed through them or they stop halfway. Anyone has any links to tuts or stuff?

    P.S. does anyone also have links to Motion tuts? They're really hard to find because of the term 'motion'.

    I'm a newbie to this, and I tried my hardest to Google for it. Thanks!! :)
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    If I'm correct (and correct me if I'm wrong), but that camera records on a DV tape, which means the camera has firewire. That means it connects to your mac. Any camera with tape has firewire, and the mac should import the footage.

    The only thing that I can think of that might not work is the playback buttons on your mac.

    Try to see if you can connect the camera with firewire to your mac, open quicktime and select in preferences instead of the webcam your camera. If this is not possible, than yes the camera can't be connected. When this is possible, fcp should be able to import.

    this guy has some tutorials (I'm never able to find my way through all his videos so good luck);

    You can get a pretty nice sony camera for 5K. But you could also buy a cheaper one and invest in sound and this:

    for example this camera:

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