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Feb 22, 2009
Well darn... one of my favorite little Mac Apps recently announced they were shutting down

I fly a lot and don't necessarily like to pay $10 each time I just want to listen to Pandora, so I pre-record a lot of stations. Anyway, does anyone have a good alternative to PandoraJam? Farewell indeed.



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Feb 26, 2011
New England, USA
Bump. I just found this out, and I'm REALLY bummed. Was hoping someone found something else, or maybe picked up the source code and came out with something new.

Anyone know the story here? One comment on this web site seems to indicate that Pandora was behind this somehow.

Off Topic...Not really a "bump". Only the OP can bump (except if some other than the OP just posted "Bump", which would probably be a Frivolous post, not really a bump)...which is a Rule violation on MacRumors.

/Off Topic


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Oct 8, 2008
Wow, this really sucks. My pandorajam just stopped working and Pandabar seems to have been shut down by pandorajam. Anyone know of an alternative?
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