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Discussion in 'iOS Apps' started by gaanee, Sep 9, 2016.

  1. gaanee macrumors 65816

    Dec 8, 2011
    There are many camera apps offering advanced features compared to Apple stock camera app, but none offers taking panorama photos... is there any reason for this? Does Apple prevents 3d party apps from supporting panorama?
  2. C DM macrumors Sandy Bridge

    Oct 17, 2011
    There are definitely separate apps just for panorama shots. If various third party camera apps don't include that ability within them, I don't think it would be because of some Apple restriction as other standalone third party panorama apps exist.
  3. gaanee thread starter macrumors 65816

    Dec 8, 2011
    There is DMD panorama but it's not as good as the stock camera app. Many apps offer better HDR, Low light, software image stabilization but no panorama - so wondering what's the reason?

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