Panther Built-in UPS Compatibility... Tripp Lite?


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Aug 15, 2001
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Has anybody tried using Tripp Lite's smaller Smart Pro 1000-1500VA UPSes with OSX's built-in UPS management, and if so, does it work?

I was just looking at buying one for an XServe, but they have no OSX-native software, PowerGuardian doesn't support Tripp Lite USB UPSes at all, and I'm not confident that the built-in OSX UPS software will recognize it--I tried hooking up a much beefier 240V rackmount unit to a Mac via one of its USB ports, but no love there.

Shame, since the Tripp Lite is $100 cheaper than a comperable APC unit, which I'm pretty sure will work (my XS 1500 does, anyway). I really wish there was a compatibility list for the built-in support somewhere, but I haven't yet found one.


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Jul 23, 2002
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Xenious said:
Do you use Powerchute with your APC? I just got a new Smart-UPS which has USB (finally).
No, I don't. The built-in UPS handler in Panther does exactly what I want, so why should I bother littering the system with a third party product?

I do know with some of the higher end UPS's you might need APC's software to be able to modify internal settings.

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