Parafied - Perfect aspect ratio and resolution for the Parallex Effect

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    Hey guys,

    iOS 7 introduced the parallax effect we all love or hate. Unfortunately, your image will be zoomed in and thus it will not be as sharp as it was originally after setting it as your wallpaper. Not even if its resolution is way bigger than the screen's resolution. Not even if you add the extra 200 pixels to each side of your image as described on many blogs. Your image will only stay sharp, if it has the exact aspect ratio and resolution Apple predefines.

    Parafied shows you what area of your image will be visible after setting it as wallpaper and crops your image to the perfect resolution and aspect ratio for the parallex effect.

    It's a lightweight free alternative to Wallpaper Fix, Wallax, Wallgram & Co. so give it a try ;-)

    check out the official website for more information


    If you don't know what problem I'm talking about, try setting this image as wallpaper. The pixelation on the trees should be very obvious.
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