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    Parallel Kingdom: Age of Emergance

    Parallel Kingdom is a MMORPG for mobile devices. It was originally created on the iPhone but has since been ported to the Droid and Android Market as well. It is not graphics intensive and by all means and purposes plays similar to an old school rts/rpg. It has nodes to mine, cities to build, resources to gather, players to group with, players to fight, crafting, and more.

    I have been playing this game for roughly four days now and while I was really skeptical at first, I have come to understand and appreciate the game a whole lot more. I had nobody to help me when I started and I did not know about the free 1,000 gold for using a referral code otherwise that would have been a huge help. In my four days I have just now hit the 1000 gold mark myself.

    The game has an "item mall" for fruit, but you can do any and everything in the game without purchasing said items.

    You can level up to 25 and you can choose to redo your skill sets and stuff like that. There are dungeons, there are dragons, trolls, boars and many more creatures to fight. You can raid other players claimed territories or you can start up guilds and group together.

    Best of all in this game you can kill Android users.

    You can read more over at Parallel Kingdom and read their forums and FAQ.

    Here is the link access it on the market:

    Also, if you want 1,000 gold here is what you do:

    When you first begin the game, hit the Menu button and then tap "Profile." In the Profile page, tap the red button in the upper right hand corner and then "Enter Referral Code." Type in "lmali" without the quotes. You'll get 1,000 Gold once you complete the tutorial. Be sure to enter the code in right away. After the tutorial is done, you won't be able to enter it in anymore.

    Videos of the game

    Edit: will add more in the morning.
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