Parallels 9 support GPU or not or Boot camp :( COnfused!!

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  1. Bilalo, Dec 20, 2013
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    Hello everyone

    I have parallels 8 with windows 7 and supposedly it doesn't support the GPU on my mac at all for some reason and so I cant even play the weakest of games on it. Even though I allocated 1 gb of Vram to it, it says I have none due to 3D graphics and so on. I read that parallels 9 completely support 3D graphics. Will that allow me to run games such as Aion, Age of empires, Dota 2, etc??
    I dont want to boot camp my laptop, I feel itll make it bad or slower and takes time to re boot and it isnt feasible to keep on restarting :/ But I need atleast to allocate some V ram, any ideas?? Anyone have parallels 9 and plays games on it from semi-heavy to heavy?

    My laptop is latest 2013 rMBP, 2.6 ghz, 16 gb ram and 2 gb vram.

    Thank You
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    We're not supposed to help with stolen software here.

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