Parallels 9 vs Bootcamp question

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by Levi's, Aug 13, 2014.

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    I'm running Maverics on my macbook pro, and have a need to run a windows based program from a private developer in Australia, for a small hobby/business. In order to accomplish this task, I purchased parallels 9, Then ordered windows 7 pro, and installed parallels 9 and windows on my mac book pro. I then installed my windows program on my Mac, which is a virtual machine, everything seemed seamless. I started the windows program, and it loaded fine, so I registered the program cd-rom key code, which generated a serial number, both were sent to the developer, in which he issued a registration code which unlocked the program. At this point I exited the windows program, then exited windows 7, and then put my Mac to sleep for the night thinking everything was good.

    The next day, I opened my Mac Book, and Windows, expecting to run the program and get some work done... When I opened the program, I noticed it was back in Demo mode!! I sent the developer an e-mail, in which his response was, The program had to be installed on your computers hard drive, It cannot be installed on a removable drive, a removable hard drive or any kind of removable drive.

    Last time I ran this program was on a windows based Laptop, and I had no issues. I contacted parallels, which by the way has excellent customer support, in which they advised I may need to use parallels to transfer files to boot camp, which my question is this, would this still be a virtual drive, or would this create a partition on my hard drive, to which is stricly windows?? thinking the virtual windows may be the problem of why the program isn't installing and running correct.

    Fact: I did some research of what I felt the easiest way to run Windows on a Mac seamlessly, which was at a cost of a couple hundred dollars to achieve this task... I'm not the most savvy person with Mac or with windows, but if you can add insight, or ideas in an easy to understand method, I would very much appreciate any help, ideas you can share...

    Thank You...
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    You might have two versions of the software?

    Re enter the registration code should work.

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