Parallels affecting my keyboard eject function.

Discussion in 'Windows, Linux & Others on the Mac' started by JI7, Dec 2, 2010.

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    Not sure if this should be here but anyway. I am trying out Parallels to run Windows 7. I installed windows 7 on a partition of a second hard drive but couldn't get Windows to start up and finish set up so I went to parallels. Parallels is using the partition I created that contains Windows 7 of course. My problem is that I can't get my CD/DVD drive to eject when I press the eject button. This happens as soon as I launch parallels - from that point on the eject button has no effect. I installed parallels tools; I have sound and internet when using Windows but I have no way of ejecting the disk tray. Any suggestions. Is there an alternate command that can eject the tray like some other hot key or something? What am I missing?
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    all versions since release work this way. creates a virtual connection to the optical drive, it's just how a virtual os works. on my tower with two optical drives, it ties up the upper drive, but leaves the lower drive as normal which means that my keyboard eject won't work either for the upper drive.

    in windows, double-click on 'my computer', right click on the optical drive, come down to 'eject' on the shortcut menu, and that should open the drive/eject the disk. best of luck.
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    Think of it this way. When your Parallels VM is running the CD drive belongs to Windows. i.e. OS X doesn't have an optical drive.

    You can configure your VM to not do this if you want the optical drive to remain under control of OS X, just tell it the VM doesn't have an optical drive.

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    Ejecting disc during Win Backup under Parallels

    Thanks for this - I had searched high and low. It works!!

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