Parallels and Fusion freezing MBP

Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by Furrybeagle, May 3, 2008.

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    I have a really strange (and extremely irritating) issue with my MacBook Pro. Fusion and Parallels occaisionally cause the whole system to freeze for 10 seconds, then come back for 10 seconds, then freeze for another 10 seconds (endlessly repeating this cycle). There is no one trigger in particular. Last time it happened when resuming from sleep. Having multicore support on has caused it also (although it's off right now).

    Last time this happened I managed to get to a Terminal and kill the WindowServer, but when the login window came back it kept freezing every 10 seconds. I logged into the >console (which wasn't freezing, unlike WindowServer), and some part of VMWare (still running) kept putting up messages in the logs saying that it was changing processor speeds. I killed all the VMWare processes, but when I brought back the login window it still had the freezing issues (making me force restart).

    I know it's not a hardware problem, as this has occurred on two MacBook Pros (15" early 2008, 2.4GHz, 2 GB RAM, 200 GB, 256 MB VRAM -- AppleCare replaced the original one for an unrelated reason). The OS X install is new (although I did restore the Time Machine backup from the old MBP).

    Any ideas?
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    Are you running both Fusion and Parallels? They both have startup processes in MacOS (even if you aren't using them at the time). This is a "no-no". You should remove one of them completely from your system.

    Secondly, how much memory have you allocated to the VM? From your signature, I see you only have 2GB installed in your Mac. You should think about upgrading to more memory. This (along with the previous statement) could be slowing you to a crawl causing this freezing.

    Thirdly, when running a VM, you should never put your system to sleep. I've seen numerous posts about both Parallels and Fusion having problems when waking the computer from sleep.

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