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Discussion in 'Windows, Linux & Others on the Mac' started by Bismarck, Oct 19, 2006.

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    I am thinking about getting a miniMac and migrating all my stuff (Quicken, Office docs) to Mac because I want to spend more time messing with digital photos, scanned photos, videos from my camcorder, recording music - all the things that Mac software is supposed to be oh so good at. My Wintel motherboard is going out anyway. So I figured on having an external Firewire NTFS drive for the old stuff to move to the Mac.

    I don't feel like Bootcamp is my choice - I don't game, so I don't care about the 3d graphics. I think I want to use Parallels so I don't have to go and buy Office again. But have questions about the access to filesystems.

    I've read that OSX can read NTFS and read/write FAT32. Since Parallels is in a VM under OSX, is it also unable to write to NTFS ?

    Parallels runs in a different partition. But what I have read is not clear. Is it partioned memory ? Or does it use different disk partitions ? In other words, do apps running under Win2000 in Parallels have the ability to read/write files on the OSX formatted drive, or do they have to write to a NTFS or FAT32 partition on the drive ?
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    The Win2K "boot disk" is a file under OS X read by Parallels, and can be formatted NTFS. No partitions are necessary.

    I haven't tried with an external, but Parallel's support for other USB devices and drives is somewhat spotty. e.g. I have been unable to have my Parallels Win 2K mount my XP boot camp partition.

    Parallels offers a shared folder solution which allows you to read/write parts of the OS X file system from within Parallels as if they were a network drive.


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