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    Question about system requirements

    I have a question about specifics of the Parallels system reqs in order to have the system run smoothly.

    Right now im contemplating on buying a macbook air for a very strict purpose of running around 4 virtial XP's simultanious, using Parallels Desktop, and the dillema I have is deciding whether to choose the i7 or the i5 CPU. Given that the tasks which im going to run on XP's are rather light-weight (each OS will run the same set of applications: 1 browser with 3 tabs open and a macro program) I thus planned on allocating no more than 512 RAM to each OS so RAM wise there shouldn't be any issues, but I am not sure if the i5 processor will be enough to avoid any lags or spikes from occuring.

    Any input on which processor I should pick would be greatly appreciated.
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    If you plan to run 4 virtual machines simultaneously, I'd go for i7 CPU (@1.8GHz). But I think RAM is what'll be the primary limiting factor with the Air. Are you sure 4GB RAM would be enough while 2GB will be allocated to your VMs, especially on Lion? Remember, you won't be able to upgrade it afterwards!
    I remember running Windows 7 with (1GB RAM dedicated to VM) in Parallels a few months back, on a 2011 MBP with 4GB RAM installed, and it had greatly increased paging activity. I had to upgrade to 8GB to rectify the issue.

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