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Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by FroColin, Sep 1, 2012.

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    So I bought Parallels 7 for my new rMBP that just arrived, and I install it etc and then I torrent a copy of Windows, now before I get blasted for that being illegal, I'm using this for work and my work has an action pack so I was just going to type in the serial number on tuesday when I go back so for now I'm not typing in any key. So I instal with express install selected and it goes through like normal for a while and then I boot up to Windows 7 and it looks how it looks when you turn off all visual effects and there is no internet explorer... What is going on? OH and it says installing windows, I waited like 3 hours but it didn't change and it's not doing anything! It's not downloading something, not moving things on my drive, using like .1 percent of my CPU.... What do I do?
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    Maybe your torrent wasn't any good...I used a legit copy when installing Windows and never had a problem. See if you can get an install disc from a friend or something and use that until you can get your serial from work.

    Edit: Or use this link for a 90-day trial...
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  4. arjen92, Sep 1, 2012
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    It could be the following:

    Windows is a huge installation. Some people have SSD's or netbooks without a lot of space.

    You can rip the Windows install disk, run it through a program and make a smaller new disk, without certain windows features to make it smaller. So they remove some stuff from windows you might not use; this could be the back-up feature for your RAM, services or software. For example Internet Explorer.

    Perhaps the copy you got was intended for netbook users and therefore they striped it from features to make it smaller. Just go to your IT desk and ask for a genuine copy of windows.

    p.s. you can download a genuine copy from Microsoft itself for free here. You can validate the trial with a code.
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    This. Obtain a legitimate ISO and try to install from that.


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    If you can download a torrent, what is preventing you from downloading a legitimate ISO from the Microsoft Action Pack portal?
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    Haha alright, sorry, I didn't even know that was illegal if I had a license key, I thought that it was using an unlicensed product, not downloading an unlicensed product (in fact... I'm pretty sure that that is not illegal because every time you download windows it's unlicensed but... anyway, what do I know). Nothing is stopping me except that the information for the action pack is at work and I am not, I apologize for breaking the forum rules, I honestly had no clue that that was even remotely illegal. I'll wait until tuesday to install it when I'm back.

    Thanks arjen for a place to get it legitimately, again, I had no intention of breaking any sort of copyright violation or doing anything close to that. I had no clue that was illegal.

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