Parallels & Extrenal Drive

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  1. Washac, Feb 17, 2017
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    Sorry that should have read - Parallels & External Drive

    I run Parallels for some games that will run under it but recently hit a niggle.

    I want to install the games onto an external drive, so I setup a hardrive with a partition and formatted it to MS-DOS (FAT32) which is the only Windows format in Disk Utility. Parallels does not see this drive and I assume I need to format it to NTFS, but how ? Disk Utility has no option for it.
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    If you unplug the USB drive and then plug it back in, there should be an option to use it in either macOS or Windows. Select Windows. If you don't get this option, try to disable Coherence mode in Parallels and try again.

    Otherwise in Windows, you can press CMD+R and type diskmgmt.msc in the Run box to bring up Disk Management. The disk may well show up in there, so you can format or delete the volume from there.
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    Coherence off and it does not show in Disk Management.

    Think the problem maybe that this drive is partitioned one for Mac the is the Windows one, still should pick up on it I would have thought.

    Maybe I worded the title incorrectly the drive is in the 4th bay of my Mac Pro.

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