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    May 14, 2003
    When I first installed parallels and XP, the default size for the virtual hdd was 8000mb (8gb). Well, I wanted to make that bigger but from within parallels if you edit the hdd it says you will lose all data. I assme that means the windows install is lost and will have to redo it again. It also said you can edit the size in the image tool app. So I opened that and put in I wanted the virtual drive to be 25000mb (25gb). I browsed to the virtual drive and let it do its thing. Later, I started up parallels and looked at the hdd size in windows and it still said 7.some gb, not 25.

    Any ideas what I might have done when I ran image tools the first time, and why didnt the size change from within windows? I opened image tools again and it shows the size in there at 25000mb still.
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    May 14, 2003
    Is it possible the space is allocated but the hdd within xp doesnt show it until all the current space is used?

    I clicked on make a new vm, and selected custom. There is a option window that says "select disk format" and the first option is "expanding." Under that it says "Disk image file is small initially and grows as you add more date to the virtual machine. This disk format takes less time to create and saves disk space on host." So maybe in running tools I have set the size to 25gb, but it just doesnt show that much and wont until I add that much data?

    Also, on the first window that comes up in parallels it says hdd1 - 25000mb, and also says the same thing under the configuration editor window.

    The reason why Im curious about this is I want to dump in several gigs worth of data into windows and I want to know if I have actually increased the virtual space or will I run into a "disk full" message once I full up what currently shows is left in windows (6.some gb)

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