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    Anyone here using an out of date version of parallels? I was considering purchasing it, but I am concerned that I'd have to purchase the upgrade every year. $79 a year to use windows seems a bit steep when I could just use bootcamp. Any chance that the current available version will work for a few years? Anyone with experience running an old copy on the current OSX, and it still runs fine?
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    If you are concerned about having to upgrade every year then I suggest sticking with Bootcamp or Virtual Box. I believe that Parallels will release an update so you can run Yosemite with Version 9 but with the next OS after Yosemite you will have to pay. Same with VM Fusion. Parallels have been releasing updates to go along with the developer updates released by Apple to the Yosemite Beta.

    In the end though you will pay somewhere down the road. This is always a debate about how you have to pay so much to update Parallels or VM Fusion everytime Apple brings out a new OS. This is why I suggest you go with Bootcamp or Virtual Box. Both are free and will never cost you to upgrade.

    Even I flinch with the $50 upgrade price. Only software where I struggle with the upgrade price. Would not be so bad if it was only $10-20 each time for average consumer.
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    I tried virtualbox with a copy of xp, and it was painfully slow. Like..slower than a Pentium 4. For reference, I am using a late 2013 15" rMBP. I hear parallels is a bit better in that regard. Bootcamp with Windows 8.1 has been great, and I need access to a few windows-only programs pretty often. It's just a pain to reboot every time I need to use those programs. Ironically, I'm in Windows more than OSX these days.

    If Virtualbox is a viable solution, then perhaps I was not using it properly when running xp. I kept it at the default settings and install the tools, but it was too slow to use. Even when I bumped it up to 4gb of ram and all the CPU cores, it didn't make a difference. Anyone have any tips?

    Finally, I was looking at CrossOver. Anyone have any luck with it, specifically at running MS Office 2010?
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    A lot of people only upgrade every other version. That usually covers you adequately for an OS X upgrade or two.

    I don't expect to upgrade my version unless it has issues when I upgrade to Yosemite. My VM needs are minor as I only run XP and 7.

    Running Parallels is a lot more convenient than dealing with bootcamp.

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