Parallels "Unable to access Hard Disk 1" error. NEED HELP!

Discussion in 'Windows, Linux & Others on the Mac' started by bailmdb, Apr 5, 2010.

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    So I have Win 7 Pro on my Mac, running it through Parallels 5. I was watching my class lecture online through IE and about 20 minutes in, it just freezes. I thought it was just a buffering issue but then I see "Not responding" at the top of IE. At that point, I couldn't do anything. I had Parallels in full screen mode, so I was completely stuck. After a minute or so I get a pop up error that says, "Unable to access Hard Disk 1. Input/Output Error." WTF?? I figure maybe just some glitch, so I forcibly shut down Parallels and relaunch it. After several minutes, same thing.

    So I shut down my Mac entirely and rebooted. Mac OS works just fine, no issues (no big surprise there). So I launch Parallels and launch Windows. Then I restarted Windows, just to be safe. Then I relaunch IE and Word. About 2 minutes later I was typing up some notes in Word and it freezes and I get "Not responding" at the top of Word. I forcibly shut down Parallels again, because it was just frozen and I was seeing the Mac pinwheel spinning (in Win full screen mode).

    Anyone have any idea wtf is going on? Anyone ever get this error or have this issue with Win 7 Pro (32 bit) in Parallels 5? I need some advice here!! Thanks for anything.
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    I just got the same error this morning... can anyone help please?
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    After scouring the web for solutions to this after a customer facing the same issue came into my store earlier today, I've come to the decision that this is most likely a software issue.

    Parallels support staff on their forums seem to insist this error is caused by your hard drive failing. It seems highly odd to me that this error pops up ONLY in Parallels and no other bit of diagnostic software points to a failing drive.

    My thoughts: This is an issue with Parallels itself that somehow is bogging things down and causing problems. It's very easy to point fingers and claim it's a failing drive to push blame away from one's own problems. This is what it seems Parallels is doing.

    Haven't heard this issue happening with VMWare... ;)

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