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Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by Dkrtemp, Mar 24, 2008.

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    Mar 6, 2008
    Hello, ill be buying a mac soon, I guess at the next upgrade or so, I started using macs when i was a child (cuz my dad likes them) but when i got my first own computer i got a pc, why?, cuz the software, anyways, im majoring in computer science and i want my next laptop to be a mac but i will be needing some windows software, this is where my question comes in.

    I've heard about Parralles, Vmfusion (or something like that) and bootcamp (i dont know if there's more) for running windows in a mac, and i'll like to know what's the difference between them and which one is better?
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    first you probably posted in the wrong forum, this is related to MacBook Pros and not Software.

    But concerning your question: I study Software Engineering and I am working with a Mac since my first day. I'm using Parallels to have Visual Studio and all the standard Windows development stuff up and running and it works just fine.

    Parallels and VMWare Fusion are both Virtuallization Products, Boot Camp allows you to install Windows natively on your Mac. Using for example Parallels you can also virtuallize the Boot Camp installation. (I would not do this if it is Vista because of license/activation issues)

    My development environments are all stored on a seperate external disk so I have closed environments for nearly everything. If I mess up one setup during development all others are not influenced. From my point of view this is a great advantage.
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    There is a guide on this forum somewhere, do a search. Vmware and Parallels run inside OS X as virtual machines, so they don't utilize full resources. Boot camp requires restarting, but Windows runs natively, and can utilize all resources. Boot camp is what you would want for gaming. Note: Vmware and paralles can both access boot camp partitions. My optimal setup is to restart when I need to game, and then just use Windows as a virtual machine inside OS X for everything else. Lastly, I am a computer science major, and a Mac is a great choice.
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    With respect but maybe your the one who needs to look harder as the guide you mention is only a couple of posts above yours
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    Notice how the posts are 6 minutes apart... I saw the post in forum spy and opened before there were any responses, but apparently didn't answer for 6 minutes, after which I then saw your post. I apologize your excellence, shall I bow down to you?.

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