Parental Controls are okay. I want self control tho.

Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by yoyo5280, Jun 8, 2008.

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    I know that many members here are all like " WTH why use parental controls. They are just stupid and it makes kids more curious" and sh!z like that. Ya I know this, but I think you have to understand my position. And my dads

    See, I complain about his parental controls a lot. But the truth is I can basically go to any website I please (as long as its not iffy or for druggys), Chat with friends with out being recorded, and install pretty much every app. Its just there to stop me from spending to much time on the computer and give my dad reassurance. I am cool with that though sometimes it really gets on my nerves.

    Recently I have noticed that the effectiveness of Content Barrier X4 has seriously gone *kerplunk*. Me being the pain in the @$$ teenager I am kept it to my self and just kinda took advantage of the fact that I could surf the web all day long even after the time gets used up (even though Mail and IM and websites where you have to log in don't work) Today I decided to take advantage of it while my dad was home. Surprise Surprise he noticed. He asked me if I had found a way past them (like I had with other software I had when I was younger) and honestly said no. I couldn't help my self and I said "but it has really been more glitchy since upgrading to leopard." He took that as a "it doesnt work" So know he is in the market for new parental controls. I like to be apart of the chaining down of my self so I did my research and looked for mac software. Unfortunately it is all designed for tiny children. Not 14 year old good looking guy like me. I am kinda at a lose.

    My question is...are the leopard controls okay enough to make my dad happy and me...ok AND! I really need tips on how to limit my time my self. You see my genius plan is that If I do that, the stupid locks will slowly come off. ANd by then I will already have built up the habbit of checking my email, macrumors, and engadget (with a little bit of IM) for 30 mins and get off. Just I don't know how to stop me. AHHH

    Please help


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    I'm sorry I have no experience (yet) with such software. I do, however, want to give you kudos for the self-awareness and maturity you are showing in your behavior and understanding. I have 3 young boys of my own and will soon wrestle with these same issues. I only hope my kids are as understanding as you. Privileges and responsibilites and self-control - all part of the journey from child to adult. Congratulations on your path thus far for you are clearly headed in the right direction.

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