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Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by twomiracles, Dec 28, 2007.

  1. twomiracles macrumors regular

    Dec 30, 2006
    Hi, all. I finally got a MacBook (thank you, Santa :D ) and am now thinking of either selling my iMac or having it as a secondary machine to act as a go between for an external hard drive on which my photos and digital scrapbooking supplies are stored. So, I want to move my mail settings, my browser favorites and all the info on the various ftp accounts I have in my ftp client for web development work I've done. I've already installed a fresh copy of Adobe CS3 and have downloaded Firefox, my ftp client and what other programs I need. I had very little stored on the iMac as I store almost everything on my external drive, but I do need those things I mentioned and am not sure how to get them.

    Second question, I really want to leave my external drive hooked to the iMac or a PC that I may use just as a go between to the external drive if I sell the iMac. I do work with some pretty big files, though. Is that going to be really slow over a wireless network? Am I better off just moving around my external drive when I need stuff off of it? That sounds like a bad option to me as I have 2 six-year-olds who are prone to spills and the like, so I'd really like to do something else, but I don't want to have to sit and wait for minutes to open a large .psd file or something over the wireless network.

    As always, any advice is appreciated!
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    Apr 27, 2005
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    Which FTP client do you use (exporting those settings/accounts is entirely dependent upon the client you use).

    Is your email account POP or IMAP? Do you physically need to transfer preferences from the other computer, or just setup your email account on your new MacBook?

    Are you using Safari? You can export your bookmarks by choosing "Export Bookmarks" from the file menu in safari on your former computer, and then transferring the file to your new computer and choosing "Import bookmarks" from the File menu.

    As for your second question, how large are the files?
  3. twomiracles thread starter macrumors regular

    Dec 30, 2006
    Thanks for your response, Eric.

    I have many folders and saved mails on the iMac that I want to move over. I have two gmail accounts and one other, all three of which could be IMAP, but I have had them set up as POP accounts. I already setup the accounts on here, but would like my folders, filters and saved mails moved over, too.

    The ftp client is CuteFTP. I have not looked at it to see if I can export them from it, but I will look on the iMac and see.

    I'm using Firefox and I know I can export those bookmarks, too. I had just hoped there was a way to get it all at once, rather than one program at a time.

    The files are pretty varied, but I would say the majority of those I would want to open are between 2 & 5 MB each. On the rare occasion, though, that I actually do designing of product or print ads, they could be much larger.

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