Partition for just Final Cut Pro (barebone Lion install, no Filevault)-best approach?


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I finally replaced the hard drive in my mid-2010 MacBook Pro i5 with 750gb 7200 RPM Hitachi HDD. Now that I have a lot of Hard Drive space, I was thinking of making a second partition just for Final Cut Pro. I would only install a barebone Mac OS X Lion on it and not keep FileVault on.

I was wondering if others have done this and if there were any suggestions on how much space to set aside? I'd like to just leave enough for the OS and Application to run at full performance.

The footage I'd be importing to an external drive that would be connected via FireWire 800. Ideally I'd like to keep FileVault 2 set-up for that external so I Don't have to worry about losing it and having any sensitive footage be gone. But if that would mess up the performance a lot then I'll just leave FileVault 2 off on that external.


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Nov 28, 2011
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Honestly, I would not do that.

First of all, the times where the OS was running slower and slower with time are not completely over, but things have increased significantly. Most programs will not interfere with your editing program, especially on a Mac, since the programs are in standalone folders.

Second, there might be times where you wish you had one or the other program, font, or plugin installed on your editing system and you will hate having to reboot...

Third, and maybe most important: It is a pain to have to adjust the size of a seperate partition later. You never know what you might want in the future, maybe you buy another (really big) editing suite, or you install a ton of sound libraries for your scores, and you will need more space. Changing things then will be a lot more complicated on a seperate partition.

And last: You lose a lot of disk space if you install MacOS twice. And I don't see a big advantage.

For the second poster: While an SSD is really nice and fast, I would recommend it for internal use and maybe a system install, but for editing and importing footage, there is not enough space on them yet (in my opinion).

Just my two cents.


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Jun 10, 2006
I agree that a separate partition isn't necessary. Depending on what version of Final Cut you're using, storing data on your main drive partition will not slow things down at all.