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    when i tried partitioning my drive for boot camp, it gave me this error:

    the disk cannot be partitioned because some files cannot be moved.

    i was o the phone with apple and they said just to put in the leopard dvd and select clean install and once i boot into the fresh leopard, to partition my disk for windows and once that is successful, to restore my mac os x portion from my backup using time machine.

    one question i have is that when i migrate my files from my backup, will my computer seem as i never did anything to it? i meat like will my desktop have the same folders on it as before and have the same desktop picture etc. or will it only migrate my essentials like documents, pictures, and music

    Please help :apple:

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    Basically, what they are telling you to do is to completely wipe EVERYTHING off your Mac.

    Programs, Photos, Documents, your wallpaper - the lot.

    You will need to make sure you have a backup copy of all of those things on an external hard drive or another computer.

    Once the process is complete, your computer wont look the same as before and you will need to change settings to suit your preferences.

    It's a very extreme process, with only one (quite complicated) alternative: (see half way down).

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