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    I've a lot of files in Mac and my time machine back up drive now. Since most of my files are spreadsheet, doc, MP3 files and they can inter use in my Mac and Windows 7 PC.

    There are 4 Mac partitions and one PC partition in Mac Disk utility I can use. Do you know which partition I can use and Windows 7 PC will see them. In this case, I can just use that partition transfer the files form Mac to PC? Please advice. Thx!
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    The answer is, any of the partitions is potentially possible

    HFS+ is OSX and can be read/write for Windows using something like MacDrive on the Windows PC

    NTFS is Windows and can be read/write for OSX using something like NTFS-3G on the Mac

    FAT is read/write for both, but files are limited to 4GB in size for transfers

    Check out the various file systems here: MR Guide: File Systems
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    Jan 15, 2008
    Thanks for the info. Will give it a try!

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