Partitioned drive then chickened out- sympathetic guidance please.

Discussion in 'Windows, Linux & Others on the Mac' started by Scylax, Jan 22, 2010.

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    I need to install Windows 7 on my late-09 MacBook Pro, and I want to install the 64-bit version. Now that the BootCamp update has been released I thought I'd be ok. But how do I install the update? Do I just ignore the warnings against 64-bit and XP and Vista compatibility and load the disc anyway?

    And I partitioned my 500GB drive to give Windows 150GB for my Uni work. Is that enough? If not, can I change it? Can I ever change it, or is it gone forever?

    I am very scared of this and need someone sympathetic and patient with newbies to help me get through this. If this is you, please, please help me!

    Please-one more clarification:

    When and where from do I install the Bootcamp drivers? Is it from the Mac install disc? And do I do so before or after installing Windows 7.
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    Take a deep breath, and be glad you have the Mac you have, unlike many of the horror stories you read here things were pretty smooth for me on the MBP. Which exact Mac do you have (Processor speed, GPU, RAM).

    I have a late 09 MBP on which I have been running W7 64 bit ultimate since October. W7 installs quite easily and is mostly functional out of the box without any Apple drivers on the MBP.

    When I finally got around to installing the BC 3.0 drivers. I simply inserted the OS X install CD. I do not recall any warnings when installing the drivers. Vista 64 bit is actually "supported" on the late 09 MBP.

    Personally, I have a rule of thumb to dedicate 1/4 of the HDD for Windows, so I have a 120 GB W7 partition on my 500 GB drive. This works well for me.

    There is a guide at the top of the forum about resizing your Windows partition and there is even a tool from Paragon software that is currently free and designed specifically to resize Boot Camp partitions on Macs. It's called CampTune.


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